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Photographs by James C. "Wabbit" Hare. Includes photographs from Corsica, Grosseto, Cannes, Villafranca, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Athens, Naples, and the Sea Owl. 344 pictures. [VIEW]

Belly On Up To The Bar - 57th Fighter Group Libation Stations. 5 pictures. [VIEW]
Gilbert T. Mullins 64th Fighter Squadron. Pictures & Text courtesy Gilbert's wife Dorothy Mullins and grandson Joe Mullins. 13 pictures. [VIEW]
Francis E. Hudlow Collection. 65th Fighter Squadron's official photographer. From 4"X5" negatives. 248 pictures. [VIEW]
66th Fighter Squadron Joe Angelone's P-47 #71 "Toots" at Alto, and Grosseto Italy, 1944. Great pics and story here. 3 pictures. [VIEW]
Hart Preston's pics for Life Magazine - Fantastic color pics of the 57th FG P-40's based at Tunisia & Libya, 1943. Gorgeous pics of operations in "The Blue" 14 pictures. [VIEW]
Bob Hannings Collection. 65th FS Aircraft Maintenance Officer. 973 pictures. [VIEW]
65th FS Pilot Capt. Roy E. Whittaker,  P-40 ace with 7 victories. 10 pictures. [VIEW]
Check out Roy's link too:  www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/URG/whittaker.html
64th Fighter Squadron Pictures. 243 pictures. [VIEW]
James G. Curl Collection. 75 pictures. [VIEW]
65th FS Master Sergeant Fred M. Symmank, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Chief, Legion of Merit. 51 pictures. Courtesy of his wife Dorothy Symmank [VIEW]
Links to other pics of Fred's exploits, equipment, his crew, modified enemy planes, Check em out!:
Sgt. Clarence M. "Bud" Fortier, Armorer, 66th FS.  Courtesy of his niece Lucille Langelier. 77 pictures. [VIEW]
Frank Mears' family picture collection courtesy of Frank's son Paul. Thanks so much Paul! [VIEW]
64th FS Capt. Earl D. Lovick collection. Courtesy of his son Carl. 166 pictures. [VIEW]
64th FS Pilot Robert N. Nielsen Jr. Courtesy of his son Robert. Training, Grosseto Italy, gun camera pics, many pilots. 114 pics Thanks Robert! [ VIEW]
66th FS Tech Sergeant Hank Price - Enlisted man with wings…. Flying B-25’s, Spitfires and all types of liaison aircraft, ours and the enemy’s. Hank did a lot of flying in support of squadron operations, and ran an ad hoc pilot’s school. We are still trying to determine who the gal war correspondent is who is next to Hank and the B-25. Thanks to nephew Gordon “Corky” Pittsenberger, GS-04 USAF AFMC 96 RNCS/RNCOS for sharing. 133 pictures. [VIEW]
66th FS Sgt. Victor "Glick" Glickman, Crew Chief. Keepin em flying! Pics courtesy of his son Perry Glickman. Help from Author/Historian Carl Molesworth. [VIEW]

65th FS Cpl. Raymond G. Chidester Jr., Mechanic. Keepin' 'em runnin, keepin' 'em flyin! Pics courtesy of his son Mike. Help from Author/Historian Carl Molesworth, and cross referencing everything I’ve learned to date. Thanks Mike! 90 pictures. [VIEW]

Major Richard O. Hunziker, Pilot 65th FS. Enlisted 1/6/42. Piloting and fighting his way thru Africa, Sicily, Malta, Corsica and Italy. Deputy CO of the Group 5-24-45. DFC June 1944 as a Captain. On his second mission, April 18, 1943 (Goose Shoot) he shot down a Ju-52 transport, and on January 12 1944, a Bf-109. Thanks to his son John for this collection. 182 pictures [VIEW]

66th FS Lt. Walter H. Henson. Collection courtesy of his friend Morrell Richardson. One confirmed FW-190 in Fara Sabina area NE of Rome, 3/14/1944. Almost got a JU-88 but his guns jammed over the Adriatic, on Christmas Eve 1943 over the Adriatic. 73 pictures [VIEW]