Personal Stories
Army Air Forces.com WWII Click on "The Forums," scroll down and click on "Fighters"; or scroll down to "USAAF Groups" and click on  "50-99" under "Sorted By Number,"  then scroll down to 57th FG.  (www.armyairforces.com)

Tennessee Museum of Aviation Neal Melton and John Shoffner fly 57th FG restored P-47's in 65th FS markings "Hun Hunter XVI" & "Wicked Wabbit" (www.tnairmuseum.com/)

New England Air Museum Home ofthe 57th FG Museum/Memorial (www.neam.org/ )
Yankee Air Museum Preserving the facts and glamour of southeastern Michigan's aviation history. Research, restoration, and preservation of the all but forgotten history of Willow Run Airport, where 8685 B-24 Liberators were produced.  Henry Fords Bomber Plant where by April 1944, A B-24 was completed every 59.34 minutes. (www.yankeeairmuseum.org/)
www.aircrashpo.com Aircraft/Pilot investigations/missions in the Po Valley Italy WWII. Thanks to Ago, Stefano, Diego, Luca and Matteo!
Corsica’s Xavier Casciani’s and Le collège de la Casinca’s students memorial to the 57th FG. Pilots Dave Hutton, James Hare, and Harold McDonnel return to their airfield in 2008 which is now the Collège de Casinca in Folelli, Corsica. Must see! (http://alto-squadron.casciani.fr)
The 47th Bomb Group   The famed A-20 and A-26 Bomb Group whose 4 squadrons fought the same determined foe in the MTO. (www.47thbombgroup.org)
Ghost Bombers:  The Moonlight War of NSG 9 Check out Nick Beale's excellent website on the Luftwaffe Night Attack Operations from Anzio to the Alps, and the Air War, 1939-1945. (www.ghostbombers.com)
The mission of the Gathering Foundation, Inc. is to assist in preserving the legacy of the remaining vintage fighter aircraft throughout the world by sustaining their history and contribution to aviation. (www.GatheringFoundation.org)
Stallion 51 is a comprehensive aviation organization offering a wide range of services. From orientation flights in the legendary P-51 Mustang and historic T-6 Texan to aircraft management, sales and FAA medical certifications – Stallion 51 brings quality, safety, integrity and experience to each of its business units. (www.stallion51.com)
National WWII Memorial Registry:
Witness to War: Preserving oral, photos and memoirs of combat veterans from WWII: (www.witnesstowar.org)
"On the Alto Runway" by Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke with the participation of Jean Santoni, honorary member of the 57th. This film makes us relive, thanks to the rushes of the great American director William Wyler, an important period in the history of Corsica during the Second World War. The base of Alto, near Folelli, hosted in 1944 both a group of fighter-bombers from the U.S. Air Force, the 57th Fighter Group, and the famous French fighter group Lafayette. Day after day, the young pilots of these two units, took off from the Alto runway in their P 47 Thunderbolts to attack, strafe, and bomb the German troops who, in Italy, had stopped the advance of the Allies at Monte Cassino and participated at the landing of Provence, Mont Faron France in August 1944.
Thunderbolt” - William Wylers documentary of the 57th FG and French Group Lafayette at Alto Corsica in 1944.  Digitally restored by zenoswarbirdvideos.com
Cars, Tanks, Planes of WWII -  Whether in the air or on the ground, the cars, tanks, and airplanes used during World War II had a great impact on a nation’s ability to successfully campaign against the enemy. Thanks to Eric, 7th Grader from Mr. Workman’s History Class, Kingston Middle School for this link!    
Thanks to Kerri, her mother Marlene, and Kerri’s teacher for keeping our history alive.
Kerri is working on a "World Wars”  project for her Social Studies class which has moved online due to the Pandemic.