Personal Stories
An American Hero — Robert Simpson Blakeley by Charles G. Summers and Marilyn S. Diamond.
Edward "Duke" Ellington, Pilot, 65th Fighter Squadron Duke's WWII Summary:  big thank you to  Peter Markle, son of Crew Chief Gordon Markle, 65th FS. [VIEW]
From Stratofighter to Dive Bomber by William J. Hahn, Armament Chief, 65th Fighter Squadron.
"My Perspective of WWII", June 1941-September 1945 by M/Sgt. Armorer William J. Hahn, 65th FS.  (PDF, 20 MB). Thanks to Peter Markle, son of Crew Chief Gordon Markle, 65th FS, for this contribution.
Flying with the Thunderbolts in World War II featuring Dave Hutton.
My First Experience With Death by Dave Hutton.
"One More Gun To Silence" The fascinating story of a P-47 Fighter Bomber Pilot in Italy with the 66th FS, 57th FG.  
"Air-To-Ground Battle For Italy"  By 57th FG, 64th FS, Michael C. McCarthy, Brigadier General, USAF, Retired. (PDF, 5 MB)
Diary of Lt. Ralph S. "Luke" Lucardi, 64th FS.  Very personal account of 111 missions,  221 hours 15 minutes "Total Combat Time" as a "Black Scorpion" pilot, February 13th - December 31st 1944. (PDF, 18 MB)
Clermont E. Wheeler, 64th FS. Pics, and the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, courtesy of his son Ed Wheeler, and the Veterans History Project. Click on links to view "Photo Album" & "The Incident."
Diary of John J. O'Brien, 65th FS  Ordnance and later, Operations. 1942 - 1944.  Courtesy of Linda Croll, daughter of John J. Croll, 65th Enlisted. 
Pilots William "Benny" Benedict, and Charles Leaf. Famed "Scroungers" of the 66th FS.  Sent by Chip Leaf, son of Charles Leaf.
"957 Days in the AAF WWII" : 57th FG Pilot Harmon Diers' recollection of his days training, then flying tactical support missions with the 64th FS's "Black Scorpions" Thanks to Harmon and the persistence of his sister!
"I Learned About Flying From That" by Harold E. McDonnell - based on one of his experiences as a pilot in the 66th Fighter Squadron during World War II.
"As seen in "Flying" February 1956". Thanks to son Bob for this gem...