Personal Stories

2005 Reunion, Hartford, Connecticut

James Hare, ?, Gil Wymond III, James Hadnot, Bill Hahn, and Duke Ellington
receive 65th FS Fighting Cock Roosters sent by Francis Hudlow.

James Hadnot, Bill Hahn, Duke Ellington, and Gil Wymond III each with a miniature "Uncle Bud"

"Uncle Bud"

Visiting Mark Twain's House

Mark Twain's House

Conrad Schmidt, Headquarters 57th FG

64th Fighter Squadron

65th Fighter Squadron

66th Fighter Squadron

Retired Brigadier General USAF Michael C. McCarthy, 64th Fighter Squadron

(L to R) 1st. Lt. Jimmie R. Long Jr., (L) and his Crew Chief, Sergeant Gordon Markle

64th Fighter Squadron

Banquet time

Dave Hutton 66th FS

Jean Michel Casanova, of "On The Alto Runway" & Bill Hahn 65th Armorer Chief

John W. Seeman Engineering. Thats also him in the b&w picture back to us, between engine and plane.
He developed the crane hoisting the engine, and assisted in its installation.
Picture is displayed at the New England Air Museum (NEAM) 57th Fighter Group Memorial

Keith Ferris painting of "Palm Sunday Massacre" at NEAM

Memorial and tribute to the 57th Fighter Group, Bradley Field, Windsor Locks CT