Lt. William W. Bateman 65th FS.

Funeral for Lt. William W. Bateman 65th FS at Sainte Tulle Cemetery, France.

Lt. Bateman's aircraft, Plane #50 42-75739 "Pudgy The Flying Hangover" 65th FS.

Water chamber of electric factory/power station, with high power lines Joe Keith saw ignite when Lt. Bateman strafed the target.

Andre´ Besson, first investigator and researcher of Lt. Bateman's crash.

Jean-Louis Delattre at commemorative panel for Lt. Bateman.

Jean-Louis Delattre speaking at another commemoration for an American pilot brought down in WWII in France.

Monsieur Pierre Rolland, pic taken 2/2/2008. Monsieur Rolland was an eyewitness to Lt. Bateman's crash at Sainte Tulle, France on August 18, 1944.